Ocean Grown Extracts’ 18:1 Cannabis/CBD Tincture blends 540mg of CBD and 30mg THC oil with organic coconut oil to assist with bioavailability. Flavored with all-natural spearmint flavoring, our 18:1 cannabis/CBD tinctures taste great and work very well at providing a clean, strong, fast-acting high that lasts.

  • 30mg THC
  • 540mg CBD
  • Coconut Oil
  • Spearmint Flavor
  • 1ml Dropper
  • 30ml Bottle

CBD tinctures made from cannabis work very well thanks to the small amounts of THC available. Our 18:1 CBD tincture has just enough THC to be beneficial but not enough to get you higher than you’d like to be. Perfect for people looking for the benefits of a CBD tincture but also need a bit of THC to help relax.

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